SunBrush® mobil launches WallCleaner cleaning device for industrial facades

Efficient and safe cleaning of hall facades

High up: The WallCleaner cleaning a 16-meter-high tower.

The WallCleaner can be mounted on common carrier vehicles, here in use on a telescopic loader.

Lachen, April 29, 2021. PV cleaning equipment expert SunBrush® mobil has developed a cleaning system for hall facades of industrial and commercial enterprises. With the WallCleaner, building cleaners, roofers and hall owners can free both metal and sandwich facades from mold, moss or stubborn deposits. The new device is now available worldwide.

Cleaning facades at great heights
Managing Director Franz Ehleuter and his team developed the cleaning device to be able to clean building facades with high walls. Depending on the building, 300 to 500 square meters of facade surface can be cleaned per hour. The system can be attached to all common carrier vehicles, such as a truck-mounted crane, a forklift or a telescopic loader, and is controlled by the vehicle's hydraulics.

Easy operation of the brush
It is particularly flexible to use. Its two-meter brush can be swiveled through 90 degrees and is suspended so that it can rotate on all sides. The device can be controlled by remote control from the ground. "The vehicle operator therefore does not have to climb onto a scaffold, as is required with other cleaning devices. This is much safer and reduces the risk of accidents," says Franz Ehleuter, explaining the advantage of his cleaning system.
During cleaning, the driver can concentrate on maneuvering the vehicle. For this purpose, the WallCleaner is equipped with the patented Washtronic, which automatically keeps the contact pressure of the brush constant.
constant. It compensates for fluctuations when the swivel arm moves. SunBrush® mobil has been using this function successfully for years in its cleaning equipment for solar installations. Should the
the facade for a short time or the swivel arm extends too far, a visual and acoustic warning signal sounds.

Ridding cold store facades of mold
At a customer in the Allgäu region of Germany, SunBrush® mobil has already successfully used the WallCleaner to clean a cold storage facade. Due to the temperature difference inside the building and outside, humidity often condenses there on the building envelope, causing mold to form. "That looks unsightly. But with the WallCleaner, they are quickly and easily removed," says Ehleuter. The WallCleaner can be tested at SunBrush® mobil in Lachen, Bavaria.

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