Nueva base de servicios en el mayor parque solar de África

SunBrush® mobil e Infinity establecen una base de servicios en Benban, el mayor parque solar de África.

Un SunBrush® mobil Compact retira la arena de los módulos solares en el parque solar de Benban.

Listos para la limpieza: tres limpiadores de paneles solares SunBrush® mobil en el parque solar de Benban.

Lachen, Germany, February 16, 2021. SunBrush® mobil, the world market leader for solar cleaning equipment, and Infinity, the Egyptian solar project developer, have opened a service base at Africa's largest solar power plant. From now on, four Infinity employees will maintain and repair the 24 SunBrush® mobil Compact cleaning devices currently in use at the 1.65 GWp Benban Solar Park near Aswan.

All spare parts on site
In a newly equipped workshop, the team trained by SunBrush® mobil can handle any repair and maintenance work. So that the technicians can replace wear parts quickly and easily, SunBrush® mobil has built a 100 square-meter warehouse and equipped it with spare parts. As its exclusive agent, Infinity represents SunBrush® mobil throughout Egypt. “We have put together a powerful team that provides fast and reliable service to our Egyptian customers,” says SunBrush® mobil's Managing Director Franz Ehleuter, pleased. In the future, he also plans to handle sales in Egypt from Benban.

For desert regions and tracking systems
Since it was founded in 2014, Infinity has been working with the German PV cleaning expert. “The cleaning systems of SunBrush® mobil are ideal for desert regions,” explains Marawan Mahmoud, Deputy Operation & Service Manager at Infinity. The Compact and Rapid units sweep sand and dust from solar panels quickly and easily without a drop of water. Wet cleaning is available to remove heavier soiling such as encrusted  sand.

In the future, SunBrush® mobil also plans to supply its latest model, SunBrush® mobil TrackFlex, to Egypt, a system ideal for cleaning tracking systems thanks to its adjustable arm. In addition to Egypt,  SunBrush® mobil has already sold its systems on the African continent – to Algeria, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Morocco, Namibia, Senegal, South Africa and Western Sahara.

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