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  • SunBrush® mobil ist universell einsetzbar zur Reinigung von PV-Freiland- sowie Aufdach-Anlagen und anderer glatter Flächen


  • SunBrush® mobil rapid


Mobile use.

SunBrush® mobil can be used universally for cleaning ground-mounted and roof-mounted PV systems and other smooth surfaces. It can be operated hydraulically with almost any standard tractor, excavator, telescopic loader or similar and achieves an area performance of up to 10,000 m2 per hour.

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Solar cleaning systems for your solar system

SunBrush® mobil can be deployed universally for cleaning open-air and on-roof PV systems, as well as other smooth surfaces. It can be operated hydraulically with almost any standard tractor, excavator, telescopic loader, etc. Mobile, easy-to-install and controlled with minimal effort: With the SunBrush Mobile variable cleaning solution, your photovoltaic system can be cleaned in passing.



  • ✓ Care and maintenance of solar systems
  • ✓ Mobile and easy to assemble
  • ✓ Controllable with minimum effort
  • ✓ Thorough and gentle cleaning in passing
  • ✓ Can be used with tractors, excavators and telescopic loaders
  • ✓ Prevents loss of performance
  • ✓ Consistently high yields
  • ✓ Extended service life

Customers who trust in SunBrush mobil technology

PV cleaning: The key benefits of our
solar cleaning system

SunBrush® mobil is a unique mobile cleaning system that can be supplemented with other useful products. Why not enjoy the following advantages the next time you clean your photovoltaic system:

  • A 180-degree swivel mechanism enables the flexible cleaning of modules on solar systems.
  • When used correctly, the “WashTronic” control unit maintains the contact pressure of the brush and thus ensures the equalisation of any unevenness when solar cleaning on uneven surfaces.
  • The cleaning device for the solar system can be combined with commercially available vehicles.
  • The tank carried at the rear guarantees the water supply even on rain-free days when solar cleaning.
  • Also suitable for dry cleaning.
  • On the way to and from solar cleaning, the brush can be quickly and safely locked in a sideways position during transport (road travel).
  • Setup time: From transport to the start of the cleaning process: max. 3 minutes.
  • Due to the brush’s inclined position, distances between the module rows of the solar park are simply bridged so that cleaning can take place without resting and adjusting.
  • Can be extended to include additional functions.



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