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  • SunBrush® mobil ist universell einsetzbar zur Reinigung von PV-Freiland- sowie Aufdach-Anlagen und anderer glatter Flächen

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SunBrush® mobil can be deployed universally for cleaning open-air and on-roof PV systems, as well as other smooth surfaces. It can be operated hydraulically with almost any standard tractor, excavator, telescopic loader, etc. and manages an area output of up to 10,000 m2 per hour.



SunBrush® mobil can be deployed universally for cleaning open-air and on-roof PV systems, as well as other smooth surfaces. It can be operated hydraulically with almost any standard tractor, excavator, telescopic loader, etc. Mobile, easy-to-install and controlled with minimal effort: With the SunBrush Mobile variable cleaning solution, your photovoltaic system can be cleaned in passing.



  • ✓ Care and maintenance of solar systems
  • ✓ Mobile and easy to assemble
  • ✓ Controllable with minimum effort
  • ✓ Thorough and gentle cleaning in passing
  • ✓ Can be used with tractors, excavators and telescopic loaders
  • ✓ Prevents loss of performance
  • ✓ Consistently high yields
  • ✓ Extended service life

PV cleaning: The key benefits of our
solar cleaning system

SunBrush® mobil is a unique mobile cleaning system that can be supplemented with other useful products. Why not enjoy the following advantages the next time you clean your photovoltaic system:

  • A 180-degree swivel mechanism enables the flexible cleaning of modules on solar systems.
  • When used correctly, the “WashTronic” control unit maintains the contact pressure of the brush and thus ensures the equalisation of any unevenness when solar cleaning on uneven surfaces.
  • The cleaning device for the solar system can be combined with commercially available vehicles.
  • The tank carried at the rear guarantees the water supply even on rain-free days when solar cleaning.
  • Also suitable for dry cleaning.
  • On the way to and from solar cleaning, the brush can be quickly and safely locked in a sideways position during transport (road travel).
  • Setup time: From transport to the start of the cleaning process: max. 3 minutes.
  • Due to the brush’s inclined position, distances between the module rows of the solar park are simply bridged so that cleaning can take place without resting and adjusting.
  • Can be extended to include additional functions.




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Professional PV cleaning with minimum effort

A joystick, a variable swivel brush roller and the patented WashTronic – these are the three main components of the SunBrush® mobil solar cleaning system. This can be mounted on a tractor just as easily as on an excavator or telescopic loader, and can be used to remove dirt, dust, desert sand or bird droppings from your photovoltaic system.

Contact pressure managed thanks to “WashTronic”

Adjusting the brush’s contact pressure on the collector surface is managed hydraulically. Once correctly selected, the contact pressure is regulated fully automatically during washing – even if the underlying surface is uneven.

How does SunBrush® mobil solar cleaning work?

As a hydraulically operated solar cleaning system, SunBrush® mobil is suitable for cleaning any photovoltaic system. The only requirement is sufficient working space for the carrier vehicle. Cumbersome manoeuvring is no longer necessary – because solar cleaning is carried out on the modules and on all smooth and framed surfaces with the aid of a swivelling brush roller that can be rotated through 180°. The cleaning system is controlled by way of a joystick. The power source for the joystick is an existing socket in the cabin. The joystick allows the flexible control of the system in all directions. This enables thorough cleaning, which will make the PV system look like new. So, at first glance, you can see: the solar system will not only be used effectively, it will also be professionally maintained.

Mounting on any commercial vehicle

Mount on the vehicle, attach the tank at the rear and affix the joystick using the suction cup – the cleaning of your solar systems could not be easier. Would you like more information about the technical details? You will find all important information about cleaning your solar systems under the menu item “Product”.

Extensions for enhanced efficiency

The SunBrush® mobil can be extended to include additional smart features and accessories to ensure maximum efficiency. The addition of SunBrush® mobil Diagnostics enables the combination of efficient cleaning and module diagnostics in one step. With the SunBrush Hot Water, gentle cleaning is achieved with pre-heated water. The SunBrush Tank System ensures efficient work and optimises both the cleaning process and time management.

Unique mobile cleaning solution

The integrated wet cleaning system enables the optimal yet gentle cleaning of your solar power system. This is particularly suitable for large-scale solar installations. Dry cleaning is the ideal solution for removing soiling such as sand. Thanks to the spiral-shaped brushes from SunBrush, the solar system is cleaned with particular care.

Application areas for our solar cleaning solution

Especially in desert areas like Dubai or Senegal, sand and dust are often an issue. The SunBrush solar cleaning devices are also the optimal solution here, as they can be used for both dry and wet cleaning. This is because the water-saving cleaning devices achieve an optimum result when cleaning the photovoltaic systems at regular intervals. The tried-and-tested solar cleaning devices are used for the following applications: Roof-top cleaning, Solar park cleaning, Ammonia deposits, Snow, Sand and Bird droppings.



Good reasons to choose solar system cleaning with SunBrush® mobil

Reduce yield losses: Bird droppings, dust and other forms of soiling caused by frequent rainfall are a daily burden on your solar system. Therefore, the solar installation itself, which was built for the production of solar energy at considerable expense, represents an increased cost factor. The purchase of cleaning equipment – such as the SunBrush Mobile solar cleaning system – is not only decisive for the visual impression of the solar system, but also, above all, because of the resulting decrease in financial returns. This reduces the energy and financial yield of your investment significantly. To counteract this yield loss, the purchase of a solar cleaning system like the SunBrush® mobil is a necessary move. Especially because the cleaning device not only gives the solar installation a shiny new appearance, it also increases your yield, maintains the modules and secures their operational performance!

Prevent depreciation: Yield losses of up to 30% result from the lack of cleaning of your solar systems. When concerning a smaller photovoltaic system, this quickly leads to a triple-digit amount, which is simply caused by the soiling of the solar modules themselves. In the case of larger systems, the photovoltaic yield even decreases by four to five-figure amounts if the surfaces and modules are not adequately maintained. Solar cleaning with the SunBrush® mobil is quick and easy. On rooftop or ground-assembled systems of any solar installation that you can reach with a commercial vehicle from your existing fleet. And this not only applies to the soiling of modules – the frames and transitions of solar systems are also cleaned thoroughly. And the whole process is so simple thanks to the joystick; uneven surfaces do not pose a risk. This is because, when used correctly, the innovative WashTronic solution ensures the necessary equalisation of different surface levels with every solar cleaning process. Prevent depreciation, ensure full efficiency – it has never been easier to clean your solar system and remove all traces of dirt. We will show you how this works in detail in a series of videos, which you can access via the menu item “Media”.