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In order to guarantee maximum performance and, with that, the highest possible yield, your photovoltaic system requires maintenance. Solar systems are often worth several hundred thousand euros – which is why you should ensure the regular cleaning of your photovoltaic system as part of a long-term investment. Cleaning not only significantly extends the service life of your system, it also leads to an increase in performance. With innovative technology and expertise from SunBrush® mobil, your photovoltaic systems are cleaned professionally and with care. Due to the extensive range of accessories available, the machine technology can be optimally adapted to different PV systems and locations. As a leading manufacturer, we have innovative and patented accessories at our disposal that guarantee the thorough and efficient cleaning of solar systems.


Automatic level equalisation

WashTronic ensures automatic level equalisation on uneven terrain. The contact pressure between brush and module surface is set once and remains constant during the entire cleaning process. The WashTronic compensates fully automatically for floor unevenness. If used correctly, damage to the module is, therefore, impossible.



The joysticks on the mini-excavator allow easy control of all functions (lifting, lowering, swivelling, bending) without additional devices. This ensures efficient working in the solar park by swivelling the cleaning brush through 180 degrees – thus no empty runs are needed. The joystick can be easily mounted to the vehicle window without tools by means of a strong suction cup. The 12-volt socket in the vehicle is sufficient as the power supply.

Tested by TH Ulm

Test results

Two reports have been prepared by Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Dezentrale Regenerative Energiesysteme in collaboration with SunBrush mobil to clarify the mechanical load produced by a photovoltaic cleaning facility.