Even facades need cleaning. Dirt, moss and mould accumulate on facades and leave an untidy impression. The SunBrush® mobil WallCleaner effortlessly removes deposits from hall facades.

  • ✓ Quick and easy to mount
  • ✓ Effectively cleans stubborn deposits
  • ✓ Uses existing vehicle hydraulics
  • ✓ Remotely controlled from a safe distance
  • ✓ 90° swivel brush rollers
  • ✓ Patented WashTronic system for constant contact pressure
  • ✓ Compatible with a wide range of carrier vehicles

The Sunbrush mobil WallCleaner cleaning solution for hall facades

The innovative SunBrush® mobil WallCleaner facade cleaning solution can be mounted on almost any vehicle. The 2-meter-long brush is flexibly suspended and can be swivelled by 90°, making even hard-to-reach areas easy to clean. The patented WashTronic system ensures there is constant contact pressure on the surface to be cleaned and compensates for fluctuations in the swivel arm, allowing the operator to fully concentrate on guiding the brush. The integrated warning system prevents the brush and facade from being overloaded by giving the operator an acoustic and visual warning.