With tracker systems, the solar modules follow the position of the sun during the course of the day and thus ensure greater efficiency. However, the different angles and orientation make cleaning much more difficult. The SunBrush Mobile TrackFlex was developed for just those challenges. Thanks to the articulated arm and a brush that can be moved in any direction, even cleaning operations on vertical surfaces (e.g. facades) present no problem at all. Thanks to the patented “WashTronic” solution, even contact pressure on the modules is always guaranteed.

  • ✓ Especially for tracker PV systems and for facade cleaning
  • ✓ Quick and easy to mount on all standard tractors
  • ✓ Straightforward, touch-sensitive operation
  • ✓ Suitable for use in confined spaces
  • ✓ 180° swivel brush rollers
  • ✓ Optional wet cleaning with the SunBrush Water Tank System

SunBrush Mobile TrackFlex – Ready to master any challenge

The unique SunBrush Mobile TrackFlex solar cleaning system enables the thorough (and simultaneously effective) cleaning of solar systems, regardless of the orientation and tilt angle of the solar modules. Quickly and easily mounted on standard tractors, the TrackFlex is ready for use within minutes. The flexible brushes can be conveniently controlled with a joystick. This means that so-called solar tracker systems can also be mechanically cleaned without any issue. Thanks to its innovative technology and special cleaning agents, there is no damage to the solar modules whatsoever. Solar cleaning with the SunBrush Mobile TrackFlex solution reduces yield loss, extends the service life of the solar system and does so with maximum efficiency and minimum effort – and all this without the need for empty runs.