Agile and maneuverable.

The unique SunBrush® mobil TrackFlex solar cleaning system enables thorough and effective cleaning of solar systems regardless of the orientation and angle of inclination of the solar modules.

Especially made  for tracker PV systems

With tracker systems, the solar modules follow the position of the sun during the course of the day, thus ensuring greater efficiency. However, the different angles and orientations make cleaning much more difficult.

The SunBrush® mobil TrackFlex was developed to meet this challenge. Thanks to the articulated arm and the brush, which can be moved in any direction, it is possible to clean solar installations thoroughly and effectively regardless of their orientation and angle of inclination.


WashTronic System

Automatic level equalisation on uneven terrain.
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Transport Position

The hydraulic cylinder allows the cleaning arm to be folded in for safe transportation.


Hydraulic swivel motor design allows for cleaning on the right and left of the carrier vehicle.

Control panel with Joystick

Intuitive Can-Bus Joystick control offers safe and easy operation from the vehicle cab.
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Wet cleaning

Water lines are built in as standard throughout the machine. Pre-soak and rinse are controlled by through the SunBrush joystick.

TrackFlex Effect

Boom angle can be adjusted, allowing you to drive closer to the module. Ideal for narrow rows (min. 2.4 m).