Universally deployable

As a result of certain weather conditions, numerous types of soiling such as dust, sand and bird droppings are deposited on photovoltaic systems – which leads to reduced yield or can even result in damage. Solar cleaning with the SunBrush Mobile Compact special cleaning device guarantees consistently high yields and a longer service life of the photovoltaic system.



  • ✓ Quick and easy to install
  • ✓ Straightforward, touch-sensitive operation
  • ✓ Compact design
  • ✓ Also suitable for use in confined spaces
  • ✓ 180° swivel brush rollers
  • ✓ Optional wet cleaning with the SunBrush Water Tank System
  • ✓ Brush widths from 3 to 7.5 meters

The SunBrush Mobil Compact cleaning solution for your photovoltaic systems

The innovative SunBrush Mobile Compact PV cleaning solution can be mounted on almost any vehicle. Thanks to its reduced width and height, this solar cleaning device is more compact, thereby significantly improving both manoeuvring and driver visibility of the modules. The joystick and touch-sensitive hydraulic control ensure a simple and precise operation. With the SunBrush Mobile Compact, there is no need for cumbersome manoeuvring, as photovoltaic cleaning is carried out by means of a brush roller that can be swivelled through 180°. It weighs approx. 500 kg with a brush length of 4.5 meters.