For all those with their sights set high

The cleaning of photovoltaic systems is often very challenging, given that most solar systems are located on rooftops. To ensure clean PV systems and thus a constant yield, they must be cleaned at regular intervals. This is where the SunBrush Mobile Crane solar cleaning system comes into its own. This special cleaning device is mounted on the jib arm of a crane, a lifting platform or a telescopic loader, meaning that even high-altitude installations can be reached without difficulty.


  • ✓ Quick and easy to install
  • ✓ Optimised for use on telescopic loaders and cranes
  • ✓ Straightforward, touch-sensitive operation
  • ✓ Especially for rooftop cleaning
  • ✓ 180° swivel brush arm
  • ✓ Brush widths of up to 4.5 meters

Sunbrush Mobile Crane – The optimal solar cleaning solution

The unique SunBrush Mobile Crane solar cleaning system enables the thorough (and simultaneously effective) cleaning of rooftop solar systems. It is mounted on a standard telescopic loader or crane and the flexible brushes are conveniently controlled using a joystick. In this way, even solar installations that are too high or otherwise inaccessible can be cleaned. Solar cleaning with the help of the SunBrush Mobile Crane reduces yield loss and extends the service life of the solar system without significant effort.