Professional PV cleaning with minimum effort

A joystick, a variable swivel brush roller and the patented WashTronic – these are the three main components of the SunBrush® mobil solar cleaning system. This can be mounted on a tractor just as easily as on an excavator or telescopic loader, and can be used to remove dirt, dust, desert sand or bird droppings from your photovoltaic system.

Contact pressure managed thanks to “WashTronic”

Adjusting the brush’s contact pressure on the collector surface is managed hydraulically. Once correctly selected, the contact pressure is regulated fully automatically during washing – even if the underlying surface is uneven.

How does SunBrush® mobil solar cleaning work?

As a hydraulically operated solar cleaning system, SunBrush® mobil is suitable for cleaning any photovoltaic system. The only requirement is sufficient working space for the carrier vehicle. Cumbersome manoeuvring is no longer necessary – because solar cleaning is carried out on the modules and on all smooth and framed surfaces with the aid of a swivelling brush roller that can be rotated through 180°. The cleaning system is controlled by way of a joystick. The power source for the joystick is an existing socket in the cabin. The joystick allows the flexible control of the system in all directions. This enables thorough cleaning, which will make the PV system look like new. So, at first glance, you can see: the solar system will not only be used effectively, it will also be professionally maintained.