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The best technologies arise from practice, for practice. When specific problems need to be solved. And when creative minds, technology enthusiasts and competent users are just no longer satisfied with the status quo. Even the invention of the SunBrush® mobil solar cleaning system goes back to such a problem situation. It was here, of all places, in the sun-drenched mountainous Allgäu region, where the first SunBrush® mobil was built; the heavy snowfall in 2008 prevented Franz Ehleuter's photovoltaic system from producing any significant yield in winter.

Not a long-term option, thought Ehleuter, who then developed the SunBrush® mobil, a solar cleaning system suitable for removing dirt, bird droppings and dust from the modules. What was first carefully conceived and tested on the home barn as a cleaning device for smooth surfaces, quickly won over an entire industry. The products were patented, while renowned manufacturers of solar modules became enthusiastic about their quality and went on to recommend them for use on their modules.

Today Lachen, tomorrow the world

SunBrush mobile solar cleaning system

Success did not come overnight, but it was far from over with the invention and production of the first SunBrush® mobil solar cleaning devices. Today, SunBrush® mobil GmbH supplies operators of photovoltaic plants all over the world.

Even in desert regions, the solar cleaning devices from Germany’s Allgäu region are appreciated. This is because they can be used for dry and wet cleaning. And also because they prove to be extremely effective at saving water – which counts just as much in Dubai as it does in Senegal or Turkey. Especially in places where sand and dust quickly take over, regular cleaning of the photovoltaic systems proves to be indispensable if the solar modules are to achieve their optimum effect.

The production of the solar cleaning devices is based on proven principles: safe and efficient solutions, easy-to-use, adaptable to the respective local conditions. The SunBrush® mobil technology is subject to continuous improvement and is adapted to new conditions. A cleaning brush specifically developed for glass cleaning is attached to a variable swivel arm. This swivel arm can be attached to (and operated by) almost all commercial vehicles. A joystick is used to control the system. If the surfaces and modules are to be wet cleaned, a water tank can be placed on the rear of the vehicle. Solar cleaning can also be enhanced with GPS and useful diagnostic tools.

A smile for lachen

Regional production with international distribution

Variable brush solutions for cleaning photovoltaic systems – this is the name under which SunBrush® mobil products are sold. This is an innovative technology conceived by practitioners, for practitioners. In order to ensure (and build on) the high quality and efficiency of our cleaning solutions for photovoltaics and facades, we also cooperate with key partners from the field of research and development, for example, with the Institute for Energy and Drive Technology at the University of Applied Sciences in the city of Ulm.

Despite worldwide distribution, production remains regional, in Germany’s stunning Allgäu region. This keeps a cheerful smile on the faces of all involved, not only for the residents of Lachen, but also for the surrounding suppliers, for whom SunBrush® mobil GmbH has become an important customer, on both sunny and snowy days.