While children continue to enjoy the snow, a long, hard winter represents a massive challenge, and not only for drivers. This also applies especially to owners of PV systems (photovoltaic systems), whose electricity production during the winter months is consistently reduced or even completely shut down due to persistent snow falling on the solar modules. But what do you do when there is snow on the solar module? Sweep away the snow? Simply let it defrost and hope for better PV system weather? Or heat the system up in some way?

Snow on the solar module – at least as a “persistent occurrence” lasting several months – is a problem that tends to occur regionally. If the PV system is installed at a roof pitch of 30–40 degrees, the issue of snow on the solar module will quickly and simply resolve itself. The snow simply slides off. This becomes more problematic if the PV system operator installs the system on a flat roof, or on a roof with only a slight pitch, and then wishes to use the PV system to generate a yield in winter too. Here, you have to sweep the snow away if you don't want electricity production to grind to a halt.


Snow on the solar module – Should the snow be swept away?

Naturally, the snow can be swept away if you choose to operate with numerous accessories and safety equipment (ropes, harnesses, etc.). However, it is also easier to remove the snow on the solar module by other means. With the SunBrush® mobil solar cleaning solution.

SunBrush Mobil – Removing snow from the solar module with ease

The mobile cleaning solution from SunBrush® mobil, which is easy to install, ensures a continuous yield – even during long winters with PV systems that have been installed on flat roofs – by removing snow from the solar module. Your solar system’s winter hibernation is done away with thanks to SunBrush® mobil. Virtually just in passing. But how is the snow on the solar module removed withSunBrush® mobil? The basic prerequisite is the availability of a tractor, an excavator or a telescopic loader – the SunBrush® mobil solar cleaning system can be mounted on these in no time at all. When driving past, the PV system is cleaned by the variable swivel brush roller, which is controlled with a joystick from the tractor. It has never been easier to keep solar power generation going even during a long, snowy winter.

But is the SunBrush® mobil solar cleaning system only suitable if you want to sweep away snow and remove the snow found on the solar module? Of course not. Dirt, dust, bird droppings, flower pollen or even desert sand can also impair electricity production and shorten the installation’s service life. With the patented “WashTronic” solution from SunBrush® mobil, these unwanted developments that impact on the solar system are also removed without leaving any residue. This ensures that SunBrush® mobil can be used all year round while helping to keep electricity production at an optimum level at all times – when the hours of sunshine permit it. SunBrush® mobil cannot (unfortunately) influence this.

Clearing your photovoltaic system from snow

The fewer hours of sunshine and the covering of the photovoltaic system with snow will reduce your yield noticeably. In addition, snow can thaw during the day and form a layer of ice that is difficult to remove. By regularly clearing the snow, you can optimise your photovoltaic yield and protect the solar system. The cleaning solution from SunBrush® mobil ensures a permanent yield, even in long winters, by removing the snow without causing any damage. Mounting the SunBrush® mobil solar cleaning system is simple and requires a tractor, excavator or telescopic loader. When driving past, the PV system is cleaned by the flexible swivel brush roller, which is controlled with a joystick from the tractor. However, the SunBrush® mobil is not only used for removing snow: with the patented “WashTronic” solution, your photovoltaic system can also be freed from unwanted deposits such as dust, bird droppings and flower pollen. Regular cleaning of the photovoltaic system with the SunBrush® mobil, therefore, guarantees you a constant yield and a long service life.

When is it sensible to sweep clear photovoltaic modules?

Large amounts of snow on the photovoltaic system not only reduces the yield, but can also lead to damage and the danger of an avalanche due to the snow load. It is, therefore, advisable to sweep the photovoltaic modules clear. In order to keep the yield loss as low as possible, cleaning should be carried out before the first snowfall so that the surface is smooth and clean; this then allows the snow to slide off on its own in spring or during the thawing process. Particularly in snowy regions, photovoltaic systems should be cleared of snow regularly, as this significantly reduces the risk of avalanches.