Solar parks and solar installation have become a firmly established fixture. Clean and cost-effective energy is in demand. If the modules of a solar system become dirty, the resulting reduction in output usually leads to significant economic loss. This is because dirt or grime on the modules of a solar system promptly reduces the respective light absorption. As a result, the economic efficiency of the entire solar system is reduced. In addition to pollen and blossom dust, bird droppings and, for example, air pollution, other special types of soiling can also occur. Especially in the agricultural sector, solar installations located on a barn roof are often exposed to the additional threat posed by various dusts and aerosols from the barn, such as feed and harvest dust or bedding. And there is also the threat of even more unpleasantness regarding other impurities and dirt. This is because stable roofs are typically equipped with appropriate ventilation systems. In addition to the contamination caused by weather and other environmental influences, the respective exhaust air impacts on the solar cells in the form of ammonia deposits. This is due to the fact that the exhaust air consists of (or contains) ammonia. As soon as the exhaust air is fed outside via the ventilation system, condensation occurs, resulting in ammonia deposits.

Ammonia deposits can cause considerable yield loss

The later you then carry out the comprehensive removal of ammonia, the greater the threat posed by ammonia deposits on the solar cells. After a certain period of time, a stubborn and greasy film forms, which can only be removed with effective mechanical cleaning.

Ensure the functionality of solar on the barn with effective cleaning

Without water and the right cleaning agent, the desired results will never be achieved. In order to make the solar cells really clean and to be able to fully harness the power of solar as a barn installation, you should trust our SunBrush cleaning system and our SunBrush Blue cleaning agent. This combination ensures that ammonia is always removed reliably and effectively, a soiling that would otherwise permanently prevent your solar cells from achieving maximum performance. In addition, and thanks to the SunBrush cleaning system, you do not have to go onto the stable roof yourself. Instead, you control the removal of ammonia from the ground via a joystick.

Removal of ammonia on solar cells increases efficiency

On average, you will experience yield losses of up to 30 per cent due to the soiling of solar cells located on the roof. The removal of ammonia and other types of soiling is, therefore, always an essential factor. With our SunBrush cleaning system in combination with water and our SunBrush Blue cleaning agent, we ensure fast, reliable and, above all, highly effective cleaning. The installation of solar power on a barn is only really a prudent decision – and will only generate a yield – if maximum performance efficiency is guaranteed.

Ammonia deposits on solar modules

Especially in agricultural animal husbandry, stubborn dirt is produced by ventilation systems on the roof (e.g. ridge vents). A mixture of ammonia, dust, stable air, etc. reaches the vicinity of the solar modules via the ridge vent, before condensing and settling immediately. Over the course of time, this creates a stubborn, sticky layer, to which weather-related dirt, in turn, sticks all the more. For this reason, solar systems on agricultural buildings are often affected by heavy contamination and thus experience yield losses of up to 30%.

Solar cleaning in agriculture

Avoid this loss of yield and keep your system both economical and profitable by regular maintenance and cleaning with the SunBrush system.

Removing ammonia with SunBrush Mobil

The intelligent cleaning solution with the special cleaning agent SunBrush Blue ensures the gentle and effective cleaning of solar modules – even from stubborn soiling like ammonia. SunBrush® mobil can be easily mounted on almost any tractor, excavator or telescopic loader. For example, solar cleaning can take place while driving thanks to the flexible, swivel brush roller, which is controlled from the tractor via a joystick. This guarantees the thorough and gentle cleaning of the photovoltaic system, which leads to a constant yield and a long service life. The patented “WashTronic” system ensures continuous surface level equalisation when working with uneven surfaces, as well as uniform brush pressure on the modules. Thanks to the connected tank (equipped with pump), a sufficient water supply is always guaranteed during the cleaning process. Furthermore, efficiency can be increased with the diagnostic function and hot water cleaning, which is particularly suitable for dealing with heavily soiled modules.

Your benefits with SunBrush Mobil

The patented SunBrush® mobil solar cleaning system has numerous advantages:

  • The 180-degree swivel device found on the arm enables a flexible cleaning operation
  • “WashTronic” guarantees uniform contact pressure and thus surface level equalisation during the cleaning process despite any unevenness
  • The solar cleaning device can be mounted on almost all commercially available vehicles
  • The water supply is guaranteed, even on rain-free days
  • Also suitable for dry cleaning operations
  • On the way to and from the solar cleaning site, the brush can be easily locked in a sideways position
  • Cleaning the solar modules can take place without interruption
  • Can be extended to include additional functions