PV Cleaning Equipment

Product overview

As the requirements for cleaning photovoltaic systems vary greatly, SunBrush has developed different product categories, each covering specific needs.

However, all SunBrush products have something in common:

  1. The patented WashTronic system, which ensures a constant contact pressure and prevents damage to the module.
  2. The joystick, which ensures simple control. 
  3. A swivel-mounted cleaning brush.


The unique TrackFlex solar cleaning solution enables thorough (and simultaneously effective) cleaning of solar systems regardless of the orientation and angle of inclination of the solar modules and is therefore ideal for tracking systems. Thanks to the articulated boom and the brush that can move in any direction, even cleaning vertical or hard-to-reach surfaces is no problem.

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The Compact basic cleaning system is the universal solution for solar park cleaning. Thanks to its robust technology, the Compact is suitable for both very hot (+40°C) and very cold (-20°C) locations. The weight is approx. 480 kg with a brush length of 4.5 meters.

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For particularly high tables, narrow aisles and obstructive crossbars.

With this Rapid cleaning solution, a mini excavator can be used to clean tables up to six meters high without driving empty - because the flexible system can be rotated 180 degrees and continues cleaning in the opposite direction. This guarantees maximum efficiency.

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The SunBrush Mobile Crane can also be used to clean solar installations that are very high or otherwise inaccessible (e.g. rooftop installations).

The cleaning unit is mounted on the jib arm of a crane or a lifting platform, so that even high-altitude installations can be reached without difficulty.

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With the WallCleaner, interior and exterior facades of buildings can be cleaned quickly and effectively. The cleaning machine can be adapted to standard vehicles such as telescopic loaders and lifting platforms and uses the existing vehicle hydraulics.

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