Cleaning with special PV cleaning devices guarantees consistently high yields and a longer service life of the photovoltaic system. With the innovative cleaning solution SunBrush® mobil, your photovoltaic systems can be cleaned conveniently in passing. The patented SunBrush® mobil system consists of three units: a joystick, which ensures easy control, a swivelling brush roller and the patented “WashTronic”, which ensures automatic surface level equalisation, even when on uneven ground. As a hydraulically operated solar cleaning system, the SunBrush® mobil is suitable to meet the cleaning needs of any photovoltaic system, as long as an unhindered passage is possible. The cleaning arm, which can be swivelled through 180°, eliminates time-consuming manoeuvring and unnecessary empty runs. The SunBrush® mobil models can be installed quickly and easily on almost all vehicles such as tractors, excavators or telescopic loaders.


The SunBrush® mobil Compact basic cleaning system is the universal solution for solar park cleaning. The SunBrush® mobil Compact can be used in both very hot (+40°C) and very cold (-20°C) locations. It weighs approx. 480 kg with a brush length of 4.5 meters.

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For particularly narrow passageways and tracker systems with crossbars that prevent unhindered passage, the SunBrush® mobil Rapid is the ideal solution. Like the basic model, the SunBrush® mobil Rapid has the patented “WashTronic” solution. With this cleaning solution, solar surfaces up to six meters in height can be cleaned with a mini-excavator without the need for empty runs – because the flexible system can be turned through 180 degrees before continuing cleaning in the opposite direction. This guarantees maximum efficiency. Thanks to its convenient size, transport – including the mini-excavator – is easily possible on a standard trailer. Wet cleaning can also be carried out without any problem, as the water tank is suspended on the dozer blade and transported along.

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The unique SunBrush Mobile TrackFlex solar cleaning system enables the thorough (and simultaneously effective) cleaning of solar systems, regardless of the orientation and tilt angle of the solar modules. Thanks to the articulated arm and a brush that can be moved in any direction, even cleaning operations on vertical surfaces (e.g. facades) present no problem at all.

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The SunBrush Mobile Crane can also be used to clean solar installations that are very high or otherwise inaccessible (e.g. rooftop installations). The cleaning unit is mounted on the jib arm of a crane or a lifting platform, so that even high-altitude installations can be reached without difficulty.

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With the SunBrush® mobil WallCleaner, interior and exterior facades of buildings can be cleaned quickly and effectively. The cleaning machine can be adapted to standard vehicles such as telescopic loaders and lifting platforms and uses the existing vehicle hydraulics.

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