For maximum efficiency and convenience

Photovoltaic systems are exposed to the elements every day, which leads to the build-up of many deposits. Not only rain, wind, snow or sun have an influence on the solar systems, but also types of soiling such as dust, road traffic and bird droppings can cause long-term damage. In addition to maintaining yield levels, regular solar cleaning also ensures a longer service life. Special accessories for SunBrush Mobile cleaning devices, such as Diagnostics, Hot Water, Detergent and Tank System, guarantee both maximum efficiency and convenience for you.

NEW: Mulcher ELITE

  • ✓ Reinforced housing

  • ✓ Hydraulic side rotation mower

  • ✓ Lateral sliding function

  • ✓ Height-adjustable roller

  • ✓ Integrated freewheel in the gearbox

  • ✓ Double spiral rotor

Hot Water

Safe cleaning thanks to preheated water

  • ✓ Stubborn dirt can be removed more gently with warm water
  • ✓ The risk of module damage due to temperature differences on hot days is avoided by preheating the cleaning fluid

Cleaning fluid SunBrush Blue

Environmentally friendly and tailored to our systems

  • ✓ Residue-free and spotless cleaning result
  • ✓ Solar cell cleaner with limescale prevention formula
  • ✓ Depending on water hardness, the dosage is 1 litre of SunBrush® Blue / 1,000 litres of water
  • ✓ No need for cost-intensive demineralisation
  • ✓ Biodegradable
  • ✓ Certified for the food sector - download certificate

Tank system

Enables efficient working

  • ✓ Water and detergent are brought to the cleaning vehicle
  • ✓ The cleaning process is only interrupted briefly to refuel on-site
  • ✓ Parallel to the cleaning process, the supply vehicle makes the shuttle trips to the water intake point
  • ✓ Optimal time management

PV brush

Specially developed for sunbrush

  • ✓ Made of UV-resistant plastic (polypropylene) and specially developed for glass cleaning
  • ✓ Automatically adjustable brush pressure
  • ✓ Long service life
  • ✓ Gentle and uniform cleaning
  • ✓ Sizes of between 2 and 7.5 meters available
  • ✓ Diameters of 350 mm or 500 mm respectively
  • ✓ Easy installation


Quick change of cleaning brush for each table length

  • ✓ Only one machine for all brush sizes
  • ✓ Short set-up time
  • ✓ Cost savings
  • ✓ Brush lengths from 3.0 to 7.5m

Snow Kit

Efficiently clearing snow

  • ✓ Reinforced machine frame
  • ✓ Powerful drive motor with twice the output
  • ✓ Snow blades to carry away the snow in a targeted manner
  • ✓ No additional cleaning agent necessary to remove snow and ice from the solar modules
  • ✓ Protection against damage caused by excessive snow load
  • ✓ Up to 10 cm of snow can be removed in one pass