Whether in the commercial or private sector – you generate clean electricity with a solar system. However, this can also be used exclusively as an investment opportunity. Whatever your reasons for choosing a solar park, one fact always remains the same: without good care, maintenance and reliable cleaning, a solar park often cannot realise its full potential. You should, therefore, always clean a solar system or have it kept clean.

Cleaning the solar system – rooftop cleaning, in particular, is always a laborious and costly exercise

As experts in the efficient cleaning of rooftop solar systems, we have a customised solution in our product range. Our SunBrush® mobil cleaning system simplifies rooftop cleaning considerably.

Roof cleaning with SunBrush Mobile

As experts in the efficient cleaning of rooftop solar systems, we have a customised solution in our product range. Our SunBrush® mobil cleaning system simplifies rooftop cleaning considerably. The cleaning system can be easily mounted on an agile telescopic loader, which positions the cleaning device directly in the right place. The high-quality brushes can then reach higher-up places thanks to the use of hydraulics. So that you can easily have your rooftop solar system cleaned. The sophisticated technology behind our SunBrush cleaning system guarantees you perfectly clean modules without any damage or scratches.

Safety first – With our rooftop cleaning solution, you protect your health

You can control your special system for the efficient and effective cleaning of a rooftop solar system very easily using the joystick. The swivelling and rotating brushes carry out the cleaning work independently. You do not have to step onto the rooftop at any time. Especially in challenging weather conditions such as rain, snow or even black ice, you will not be exposed to danger at any time – this is an invaluable advantage when it comes to your safety and health.

Cleaning the solar system – No need for ropes, safety nets, etc.

Our system always works accurately and frees the modules from even the most stubborn dirt without the need for manual intervention. If, however, you choose to clean a rooftop solar system manually, you will need, for example, safety nets, ropes and other devices to ensure your safety. This requires an enormous amount of effort, which our hydraulically operated cleaning machine will save you entirely. Furthermore, when using with SunBrush Mobile, the modules are not at any risk of damage from trailing hoses or from possibly being stepped on accidentally. You only need the joystick to ensure that your rooftop solar system is cleaned reliably.

Rooftop solar cleaning – Perfectly clean modules with SunBrush

Due to their insufficient self-cleaning capability, however, solar systems should be regularly freed from dirt to ensure their optimum performance, otherwise yield losses will occur. By using SunBrush® mobil, the solar modules on rooftops can be cleaned effectively. This prevents yield loss from occurring and ensures that the value of your solar system is maintained. In doing so, both the temperature difference between the ambient air and the solar system itself and the cleaning tools must be taken into account. To ensure the careful cleaning of a rooftop solar installation, close attention should be paid to the following:

  • Avoid using a pressure washer.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or household cleaners.
  • Note any potential differences in temperature.
  • Heavily soiled solar roofs require the use of special cleaning agents.

The cleaning of a rooftop solar system without professional equipment involves a great deal of effort, and is also associated with a certain risk of accidents happening. With the cleaning system from SunBrush® mobil, you can clean a rooftop solar system effortlessly, thoroughly and effectively. This is because the solar cleaning system is mounted on a standard telescopic loader or crane, while the flexible brushes are conveniently controlled using a joystick. Thanks to its innovative technology and special cleaning agents, there is no damage to the solar modules whatsoever. Solar cleaning with SunBrush reduces yield loss and extends the service life of the solar system without significant effort.