Inauguration of new SunBrush Lounge



At the end of 2022, the implementation of the new construction phase on the SunBrush site began. Where there was only a small hall before, there is now a spacious and modern office building, as well as a production hall of around 4,000 square meters: the Sunbrush Factory.

The SunBrush Factory is equipped with a new paternoster racking system, Kanban racks, large changing rooms and the highlight is a lounge for employees and customers.


The SunBrush Lounge

The lounge is available to employees for breaks and also after work and provides space for a family atmosphere. The large windows not only provide plenty of light, but also allow a beautiful view over the company premises and also into the production hall.

On Friday, September 1, the new premises were duly inaugurated with SunBrush employees and staff. In addition to delicious party pretzels and cool drinks, there was also a speech by the managing director Franz Ehleuter.

The major construction phases of the new SunBrush site have been completed and the lounge for employees and customers could be opened on 1st September 2023.